Constraint-based hardware synthesis

Andrea Triossi, Salvatore Orlando, Alessandra Raffaetà, Frank Raiser, and Thom Frühwirth. Constraint-based hardware synthesis. 2010, 24th Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming, Workshop


We propose a high-level hardware description environment which aims at reducing the gap between application design and the well-established hardware description frameworks. Our motivations rise from an explicit demand for design representation languages at a higher abstraction level with respect to the ones currently adopted by hardware system engineering. A candidate solution can be identi ed in the constraint programming paradigm. In particular our work investigates the possibility of synthesising special-purpose hardware devices starting from the Constraint Handling Rule formalism. Our method can be used to guide the development of a prototype source-to-source compiler capable of producing, from a constraint based expression, compliant Hardware Description Language code. This paper includes a prototype implementation that allows for ecient parallel execution of multi-set constraint rewrite rules.