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Site Discontinued

I found that I update this site not regularly enough to make it worthwhile. As I have moved most smaller posts to Google+ instead, I will discontinue this page. The remaining pages are still available for reference, and because quite a few links point to them. I may add new pages sporadically.. or I may not. Time will tell.

Robo Rescue Simulation

  I was recently invited to the German University in Cairo for (among other things) judging a masters thesis by Amr Labib Hussein that dealt with a quite successful approach to the robo rescue simulation. Together with his student team he participated as team RMAS_ArtSapience and reached the final round with a solid third place. I haven't heard of this simulation before, but found it very interesting and thought I'd share a little bit about it here. The robo resuce simulation is about finding an optimal strategy for real-world disaster scenarios.

Scala: Fancy Summation


AnkiIR for Linux/Ubuntu

An anonymous comment informed me that my AnkiIR plugin doesn't work on Ubuntu at all, which I could quickly confirm after booting my virtual box Ubuntu. Not nice, but fortunately it's been easy to fix. An updated version is available and I finally updated the AnkiIR article on this page, including a link to the updated version.

Time Machine

First of all, I'm sorry for not posting for such a long time. The reasons for this are quite simple: I changed from my job at the university to a full-time job in the industry, including moving houses and all that.

Updates to Anki IR Plugin

Another day of improving the Anki Incremental Reading plugin. It's starting to get more solid now.

New "features": more solid extraction highlighting and automatic jumping to previous reading position (more precisely, last extracted section)

IR Plugin for Anki 1.2.x

I've finally found some time to get started on porting my Incremental Reading plugin to the latest Anki version. I took me only a few minutes ... to realize I'm better off rewriting the whole thing from scratch . Damien was really busy with his Anki updates.

Right now, I only have a preliminary version that serves as a bare-bone IR support. It can import URLs and extract/remove sections (with undo support), but that's about it.. oh.. and it has some strange formatting bugs still.

Webpage update

I decided to update my webpage to Drupal 7, after I got some positive experience with it on another project. It is indeed far superior to Drupal 6 and much easier to work with.

To keep things simple, I just replaced the entire webpage, losing a few comments in the process (as I only had very few comments on the old page anyways).

Right now, I'm just about to start on my new job and may eventually lose my webpage at the university. Hence, I will also add my publications and some other info to this page to make sure they won't get lost in time.

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